Paver of Yellow Brick Roads


70th Anniversary Wizard of OZ DVD Special Feature

"The Munchkins secured their place in history and the hearts of movies fans everywhere"


Steven Spielberg

Munchkins  have  a  local  fan  to  thank


 Ted Turner

"TheThe Wizard of Oz is an important element in our cinema history that merits recognition for the Munchkins.  They are an essential and iconoclastic part of what makes this fil truly remarkable "

"The Wizard of Oz was one of the greatest contributions to the Golden Age of fantasy.    

  For me, The Munchkins represent a large part of that iconic period and a spectacular       time in film history."

The Munchkins receiving their Star on the Walk of in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater   with Judy Garland’s son Joey saying a few words of congratulations from the podium.  Hollywood Cinemas led the campaign for the Munchkin’s to receive this honor.   We got    rid of the red carpet and laid a yellow brick road carpet, added an Emerald City of green       balloons, a colorful rainbow arch of helium balloons stretching between the Grauman’s          towers and with our little friends conveyed in a carriage drawn by, what else....?                          A horse of a different color (in this case lavender), proceeded by the Hollywood              

High School Marching Band playing, what else .........“We’re off to see the Wizard”!



 ​​​​There was worldwide press coverage for the Munchkin’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony ​on all the major television entertainment news shows such as Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, The Insider, Show Biz Tonight, etc.          In addition there was regular news coverage on the CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and MSNBC networks and a further 575 local television stations picked up the story with coverage across the nation.  Network coverage included segments on “Good Morning America”, “The Today Show”, “Hardball with Chris Matthews” and much more.  

As part of the coverage on the "Today Show", anchors Matt Lauer, Al Roker & Meredith Vieira actually sang a chorus of “We Represent the Lollipop Guild!";       “Fox & Friends” started their nationwide coverage in black & white, transitioning

to color as in the films Munchkin sequence; had a one on one in studio interview

with the leader of the Lollipop Guild and ended with a box of Dunkin’ Munchkins! 

BBC radio, CBS radio and National Public Radio networks ran stories that broadcast on their affiliates worldwide as well as countless other radio stories. 

The event was also on the MSN search home page under “Breaking Entertainment News”  and has appeared on literally tens of thousands of internet postings, websites and blogs, etc.,  the world over.

There were countless print articles by national and local magazines, newspapers and including USA Today, Variety, Hollywood Reporter and even the “Hot List” of Entertainment Weekly.   This was the first star ceremony to ever be covered on the front page of the LA Times.  It was on page 2 of the New York Times and page 4 of the Chicago Tribune.  It was covered by news wire services like AP, UPI and Reuters with print stories running from Beijing to Thailand, India, Australia, India, Taiwan, Kuwait, Arabia, Israel, Turkey and all over Europe with almost especially coverage
in England.   Warner Bros., who now owns “The Wizard of Oz” called the coverage “unprecedented”.  The magnitude of worldwide interest testifies well to the heartfelt prominence of this film and the appeal of all its characters.

​​Jerry Maren was the center

Lollipop Kid was the last of 

the  survivng Munchkins. 

Our friend died May 24, 2018


The seven remaining Munchkins attended Hollywood Walk of Fame

Star dedication and ceremony.  They were Clarence Swenson, Jerry Maren,    (top row) Karl Slover, Margaret Pelligrini (next row), Meinhardt Raabe, Ruth Ducini,    (next row)  and Mickey Carroll (bottom row). Jerry Maren who played the center  Lollipop Kid is now the last remaining Munchkin.  These pictures were taken by photographers sent by the Smithsonian Insitute the day before at the famed Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, across the street from Grauman's Chinese Theater      and where the ceremony took place. The Roosevelt was the site of the very first Academy Award Ceremony.

George Lucas

The Munchkins arriving on the red carpet at the charity screening           of "The Wizard of Oz" for the benefit of the preservation of historic Hollywood landmarks the night before the ceremony for thier Star.

  Fundraiser for Historic           Preservation

Theater  owner  helps  secure  a  star  on  Hollywood's  Walk  of  fame  for  Oz  Actors