Paver of Yellow Brick Roads


My Dear Good Else,

May the Mother of the Lord accompany   you on your way and protect you.             Think often and gladly of 

                    Your Aunt Paula.

My last house, less than two miles from my boyhood home and two blocks from my Elementary School which my Granddaughter later attended.

‚ÄčGrandparents (and my Mother's childhood) home,

after a snow storm.

Karolyn "ZuZu" Grimes

Grandparents (and my Fathers Childhood) Home 

Pastor Bill Knack  

St. John's UCC

My Great Grandmother came to America alone, ahead of her two daughters, by sea through Ellis Island.  She was fleeing Germany in 1924 to make a life here while her Sister Paula looked after the children.  She would bring them over to this country later.  Her husband, their Father, had been buried in large shell hole, a mass grave, in France during the opening months of World War I.       Later when my Grandmother Else and her Sister came to join their Mother in this country, their Aunt Paula sent this inscribed, framed picture with her Good Niece Else for protection during her sea voyage and in her new home, the United States.  This framed picture hung over her bed until way after her death.  Else was my Grandmother, her young sister is still alive at age 102.

My boyhood family home in Woodridge 

My Mothers Parents on their 70th Anniversary

My Father's Father, his last picture.

Pastor Bill Knack  

St. John's UCC